Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Before Or After A Move?

Why Should you Pressure Wash your Home Before or After a Move?

The exterior of your home is constantly exposed to harsh weather and environmental elements. These elements (UV light rays, wind, dirt, grime, insects, spiders, birds, mold, tree sap, pollutions, car exhaust, BBQ smoke, etc.) cause the surfaces of your siding, paint, etc. to degrade, discolor, oxidize, or chalk. With that, your property can easily lose value. These elements can also be hazardous to your health as they create allergens. So, whether you are preparing your home for a sale or moving into a home that was previously lived in, there are many reasons that you should pressure wash its exterior.

Pressure Washing Saves Money

Just like cleaning a gutter, pressure washing the exterior of your home is considered preventative maintenance. It can prevent costly repairs.

Pressure Washing Prevents Permanent Damage

Outside elements can really cause serious damage and stains to the exterior of your home. If left too long, they can create permanent damage.

Pressure Washing Saves Time

A pressure washer saves a great deal of time compared to other cleaning methods. This also allows you to skip mixing cleaning solutions, climbing ladders, etc. Pressure washing gets the job done well with little effort.

Pressure Washing Removes Allergens

Allergens are easily created with the build up of dirt and mildew among other man-made elements. Pressure washing the exterior of your home can wash away these allergens and lower the levels overall.

Pressure Washing Prepares Surfaces

Using a pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home helps prepare for a paint or refinishing project.

Upholding Your Property Value

As pressure washing helps prevent permanent damage to your home, it will also uphold its value. Having a clean, beautiful home helps the curb appeal, creates great first impressions, and could potentially increase offers on your home.

Removes Insects

One annoying insect that loves to build webs from one end of your siding to the other are spiders. Cobwebs accumulate and are very noticeable! Not only will pressure washing get rid of the unattractive sights that a spider’s home leaves behind, but it will also prevent webs to the face.

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